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With the motto "the customer is god", we always want customers to have the impression when coming to Tien Thinh hotel so we always serve the best to our customers. Tien Thinh 2 Hotel include craft shops to serve, sell souvenirs for guests, craft shops are all decorated in a modern style, gracious decor combined with very lively with many products traditional art craft, you'll feel like you're in a modern space combined with the cultural traditions of the country of Vietnam, besides there are many booths products to serve the needs of the customer's aesthetic.

With the samples characterized by beautiful, quality, reputation, origin, origin unclear. Customers will feel totally comfortable coming to our stores. We would like to introduce our customers with the products typical to craft shops Tien Thinh hotel:

• Round marble: complete design, colors, many diverse categories to selected customers (round blood jade, quartz ring, agate ring, round sapphire, cat's eye ring, ring first hair ...) , suitable for all types of customers. Uses: improves sleep, opening my mind meridians, cure diseases, feng shui effect, bringing vitality to themselves and their families.
• Pendant: the sleek and stunning, diverse categories, you can freely select (spleen face retirement, Maitreya aspects, the negative surface, crystal surface ...). Not only diversity of models that combine these products with round stone will help you not only luxury but also help in protecting the health, conditioning, warm body, town economic sedative, push eradicate disease ... With origins, origins have been tested clear.
• Lines: platinum necklaces, crystal pendant, pearl strings ... You'll feel really outstanding among the crowd, feel the luxury of exquisite ladies were present when the this jewelry to people, it will highlight, crown looks classy when participating in events, weddings ...
• Clock: clock products of the store are products of famous brands worldwide (ANNE KLEIN, ANNE KLEIN ROUND, GUESS, CHARTER CLUB, STYLE & CO), suitable for both male and women. Not only is a product used to tell time, the watch brand helps our respect to the masculine man, the woman's elegance, help you prove the "I" his assertion of the value itself from the crowd.
• Perfume: the scent charm attracts all glances from the very first meeting, perfume brands famous around the world as CK, DKNY, D & G TOMMY, KENZO ... has captivated many people , the worldwide friends and trusted favorite. You will feel the difference compared with people with unique scents, noble man; flatter the woman's beauty; the perfume brand is the # 1 choice of many people, had crept into every corner of the world (the fashion capital Milan, Paris, City of Light, Oscar red carpet with famous actors ... ), making sure to not disappoint when customers come to shop Tien Thinh hotel.
• Hairpin: not simply traditional cushions in our thoughts. Stores also offer a lot of variety of sample clips, hair ties cute, cute love beauty needs of today's teens, with a butterfly hair clips or bows, ribbons software Commerce will make you feel young woman, full of life suited to the moment you go to school, attend a party, music performances ... represents the dynamic creativity of you in time the new. In addition, the hairpin form for middle-aged women and older also very rich: crystal pins, clamps than enough style, took clamp ... dot represents success, aristocratic sisters.



• Ring: silver rings, stone rings, crystal rings ... the rings are kind of high-end, luxury very suitable for making you want to buy souvenirs, gifts for loved ones after traveling in the city of Da Nang.
• Sunglasses: Shop grasp the trend of current customers while exhibiting glasses have beautiful design, quality, scratch-resistant glass surface, durable frame. These types of glasses selected stores from the brand has been long-standing customer favorite; color full color, beautiful, suitable for all ages, gender, expressing youthful style of the child when you go outside the city. Is an indispensable item of your time, any place. In addition, the store also has kids glasses with the latest designs, stylish; Glass also has anti dust, ultraviolet rays for the baby to go off road.
• In addition, the store offers the kind of full body shower gels, body lotions, shower gels ... with the effect of giving women a smooth hair, smooth white skin. The sisters will feel a spirit of relaxed, stress filled life to begin work, become a resourceful woman in the family.
 Tien Thinh hotel with nothing more than a desire to become an ideal destination for tourists at home and abroad, we look forward to serving you to the best that the hotel became the vogue Progress 2nd home in people's eyes. In particular craft shops of the investment property with meticulous, thoughtful, product diversity. You can visit the shop after a long trip to our city or after a tour of the scenic city of Da Nang, we believe that you will feel the luxury, superficial world coming to our store, a characteristic is unmistakable compared to other hotels stores.
Da Nang People  famous for hospitality, gracious, welcoming friends in Europe, promoting the image of the city of Da Nang to everyone. Therefore, our store launched with hopes to play a small part in the dedication to what you come up with the most unique hotels Tien Thinh, to the city of Da Nang.
Address: 446-448 Hoang Dieu Street, Hai Chau. : 05113.834566 - 05113.834568
460 Hoang Dieu Street, Hai Chau. : 05113.604219

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