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Dragon Bridge was honored with a friend in the world!

1. The invitation of the Council of the U.S. engineering company (American Concil of Engineering Companies - ACEC acronym), right 27-4-2014 official delegation Danang city on their way to New York - U.S. press Preparing the way for Washington to 29-4 ceremony honoring outstanding engineering projects (Engineering excellence Awards Gala, Gala abbreviated EEA) in 2014.
By invitation of the ACEC, EEA Gala at this time, the Dragon was awarded the grand prize (Grand Award) and 7 of the brilliance of the United States and other countries.
For us, this is a special gift in mean 39 year anniversaries Danang liberation and the liberation of the South, national reunification. As a country war lasted for hundreds of years, slow economic development, very limited resources, poor infrastructure and severely devastated, after 1975, with many outstanding efforts , we have focused on the construction and reconstruction of the country.
Through 30 years of innovation, the country has achieved many important successes; our country had just emerged from the group of poor countries, to become a middle income country. Images of Vietnam with desired peace, friendliness has changed quite a lot in the eyes of international friends. And so proud, in this anniversary, on 30-4-2014, the capital of the United States right now, bar represents Danang Vietnam, the country abreast with the world to be honored with award technical excellence Award - Dragon bridge technology. With this award, we can say today, our country has the world-class course.
2. Award Contest "Engineering Excellence Award" as the outstanding technical awards, the most prestigious in the field of engineering - technologies for the project is awarded annually by ACEC outstanding votes. According to the criteria of this contest, projects, works entries must have unique creativity; have high complexity and technical innovation - technology; has the most sophisticated in design, structure; have broad capabilities to serve community interests ...

Lễ trao Giải thưởng EEA Gala 2014 của ACEC tại Washington D.C.
Award Ceremony of the 2014 ACEC EEA Gala in Washington DC
Award Ceremony of the 2014 ACEC EEA Gala in Washington DC
Accordingly, each year in the first round of the project will have 200 works selected from thousands of projects in the U.S. and abroad to register for National Award (National Recognition Award); Round two has selected 24 projects out of 200 projects to Honor Award (Honor Award); and three 8 projects, excellent work all over the world are choosing to major award (Grand Award). Eight projects are also candidates to be finalists. In the EEA Gala, ACEC Council will vote to select the Project at the Best Achiever Award (Grand Conceptor Award). That project has special engineering achievements of the year. The award was presented technique - called Technology Academy Award in Engineering of the USA (equivalent to an Academy Award for Art and Film - Academy Award).
3. To imagine a more specific scale and significance of this award, I would like to name 8 projects, projects awarded Grand Prize Award at the EEA Gala 2014
(1) Ward County Water Supply Project from Monahans to Odessa, Texas
(2) Rebuilding the road Waker Drive and Congress Parkway, Chiago, Illinois
(3) Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam
(4) Other Road at King Road, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
(5) Upgrading and expanding Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio
(6) The suspension system Otia III, Statewide, Oregon
(7) Head and Mendinda Bills Gates Foundation, Seattle, Washington
(8) Development Center Dos Rios Water Recycling, San Antonio, Texas
And in the EEA Gala, the road construction works Waker Drive and Congress Parkway, Chiago City, Illinois was awarded ACEC technical achievement particularly outstanding in 2014.
Eight projects awarded Grand Prize Award
Eight projects awarded Grand Prize Award
4. Fact is surprised to Dragon Bridge is a bridge works in 3/8 Road was honored in the project, the final work in the EEA International Award 2014. Regard to the developed world, the qualifications and experience in the design and construction of bridges definitely better than us. So Dragon Bridge - Danang net that is unique ACEC selected as the leader in the structural design and architecture for the world in 2014?
The performance summary is spoken during the ceremony and paste in the pressure-campus Spades Gala as follows: Dragon Bridge is a new bridge across the Han River in Danang, Vietnam, which is a combination harmony between art and performance, and is the top attraction for visitors. With a length of 2,200 feet (approximately 666m), creating a bridge link between regional development and economic center of culture, with the area to the east of the city. Characteristics of which are distinctive for a model system of structural steel beams in the form of a dragon flying out of the Han River.
Bridge Center has three pillars, a unique design unmatched in the world bearing structures: a combination of steel beams, concrete beams and steel dome. Body dragons arch structure with a combination of steel tube has 5 features raise the bridge just as the background for the dragon scales. Bridge is illuminated by 15,000 LED lights and on every weekend, dedication Dragon fire scenes and performances of home sprinkler serve visitors to enjoy.
5. As we all know, Dragon Bridge, designed by The Louis Berger Group venture, INC. (U.S.) and Ammann & Whitney (USA) and was undertaken by construction firms Vietnam: Building Corporation traffic Works 1, 75 Bridge Company, 508 ... Bridge company by the Department of transportation as an investor, is starting construction in January 7-2009 and inaugurated on the day 29-3-2013, age 38 year anniversary of the Liberation of Danang, round a year ago.
Delegation visited Da Nang city and his gift for Fredric S. Berger, PE - Chairman and CEO, Louis Berger Group
Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Da Nang City Vo Duy Khuong he visited and presented gifts to Fredric S. Berger, PE - Chairman and CEO, Louis Berger Group
In this mission, the delegation visited and worked at Louis Berger Group headquarters and Ammann & Whitney in Washington DC At the meeting with the Group, Mr. Fredric S.Berger, PE, Chairman and CEO of Louis Berger Group said: "The great dragon was recognized by ACEC Award this time not only is our honor, who contribute to the design and consultation, but it is the great honor of Danang people, because this is a most prestigious award in the world of engineering. We are esteemed city leaders who have vision in the investment policy in the works of the city. Da Nang City is a beautiful city and fresh, we are looking forward to continued collaboration with the city of Da Nang in the works, new projects in the future. "
And Nick Ivanoff. PE, Chairman Ammann & Whitney showed off the team, he has done on behalf of those who need to receive Dragon Awards Diamond Award (Diamond Award) in the competition "Best Projet ENR Global Award 2014" (The best project 2014 worldwide on technical areas) by ENR (engineering News-Record) awarded, was held in New York City late last month 3-2014. He was very emotional when I talk to them: "We are surprised to learn the Dragon Bridge was awarded the Grand Prize of the 2nd international organizations most prestigious in the field of engineering. This is a great honor, congratulate the people and leadership of Da Nang city's events is important "
Da Nang City Award Diamond Award represents by "Global ENR 2014 Best Project Award" presented (Tuesday Nick Ivanoff from right)
Da Nang City Award Diamond Award represents by "Global ENR 2014 Best Project Award" presented (Tuesday Nick Ivanoff from right)
6. Past few days, all our brothers in the group are restless, looking forward to the ceremony now. Moment to announce the final results, do not know if there is an award for Dragon dual or not? In fact, the grand prize winner was technically great honor for bridges Dragon! And then, when both attended the Gala, the delegation was informed Nick Ivanoff Dragon has been recognized for an award a month ago, it was Diamond Award Prize, so though not particularly outstanding winners of ACEC , but this time for 2 Dragon has won international awards. Thus, Da Nang has added two more in the record collection of his record; enhance the city's brand travel the world with friends.
Da Nang City Grand Prize Award at the EEA Gala on 30-4-2014 morning.
City leaders Da Nang Grand Prize Award at the EEA Gala on 30-4-2014 morning.
Dragon Bridge has always been the pride of Danang people, with the same friends honored this world, the pride that has been duplicated. By his international award, Dragon Bridge will always be messengers of peace and goodwill, are sustainable bridge connecting Da Nang - Vietnam with friends around the world. /.

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