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Kim Hung Long Import Export Company (KHLIMEXCO) is a Private Enterprise. Launched in 2007, through the process of formation and development, KHLIMEXCO has built many member companies operating more effectively in key areas such as export - import services, outsourcing, business travel services, hotels, restaurants, import and export cars, motorcycles, art crafts, decoration etc. ..

In recent years, KHLIMEXCO brand has become a strong brand with top quality products have a strong foothold in the market, with sales and market share leader, KHLIMEXCO is considered common brand and close domestic and foreign.

With a staff team of highly qualified, experienced, in-depth training and modern equipment has made Co., Ltd - Kim Hung Long Import Export DV general and enterprise units into members in particular, all operations are efficient and prestige to customers.

Motto of the company is reputable, quality and mutual benefit of everyone. Our company always listen to the opinions of our customers, to branding, product brand better and greater prestige.


Cabble Address: KHLIMEXCO
Head Office: 448 Hoang Dieu Street, Hai Chau District, HCMC. Da Nang
Phone: 84.511.3834566 -3,834,568 - 3,834,577.
Fax: 84.511.3820748
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Account number: 52030599 - Dam Xuan Thang - Da Nang NH ACB.
Tax code: 0400592696
Business registration certificate number: 3204000253 - City Planning and Investment Department of Danang on 12/12/2007.

Business sectors:

  •    Plane ticket agents Domestic and international.
  •    Business restaurants, hotels, Travel Tourism.
  •    Catering, wine, beer and cigarettes produced domestically.
  •    Buying and selling old cars new cars and motorcycles for rent - automobiles from 4 to 12 seats.
  •    Electrical business, electrical, refrigeration.
  •    Sales interior decoration
  •    Sales of timber and wood products.
  •    Business granite, handicraft goods, textiles, ready-made garments.
  •    Sales of electronic goods, mobile and fixed types.
  •    Business phone equipment.
  •    Iron and steel business.

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Hotline : 0913533323

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