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Import - Export

In the trend of globalization, integration with the world today, the economic and trade is a integral part in the context of Vietnam's economic integration with the world economy especially since Vietnam became members of the WTO - world trade Organization (2007). Since then, the government of Vietnam has created more favorable conditions for Vietnam's commercial swimming out into the ocean, to be able to integrate, international exchanges with developing countries, to compete with the major economies the world like UK, France, USA ... the company's Vietnam government has created incentives for cooperation with other countries; statistics from 2007 to the present economy of Vietnam has been the laudable development: economic growth reached 7.01% / year; period 2007 - 2013, the number of businesses increased by 2.3 times, 7.3 times the amount of capital relative to the period 2001-2006, an average of 1253 per year, foreign investment projects were licensed with a registered capital average 29.4 billion, industrial production increased by 11.8% / year; agriculture, forestry and fisheries increased by an average of 5% / in which in which agriculture rose 4.2%, up 3.1% forestry, fishery increased 8%.

Particularly in the field of export-import turnover period 2007-2013 exports reached $ 56 billion / year, equal to 2.5 times the period 2001 to 2006 and increased by 17.2% / year. The export turnover of goods is increasing, there are 4 items on turnover of $ 3 billion in 2006 to 8 items 2013. Some items with high export turnover in this period are: textiles topped with an average $ 8.6 billion / year, up from $ 3.5 billion in the previous period. Footwear reach $ 4.3 billion / year, up from $ 2.3 billion / year of the previous period. Seafood reached $ 4.2 billion / year, the previous period's $ 2.2 billion / year. Rice export turnover increased sharply with an increase of 17.9% / year. Crude oil export turnover this period accounted for 13.7% of total exports. 

From the above statistics may show that Vietnam's economy had some really great progress, the life of the company, has now contributed a significant part in the economic development of Vietnam. Company Kim Hung Long Import Export Our course is no exception to that trend.

Launched in 2007, with import and export goods mainly wood, is one of the main export items of the country and contributes significantly to the exports of the country (and wood products wood reached $ 5.5 billion - 2013). Kim Hung Long Company in partnership with the local and foreign companies have built brand has a strong foothold with the wood products: furniture processing, personal cabinet, fine art ... the order large quantities have demonstrated the trust of our partners with the company's brand KHLIMEXCO Kim Hung Long, the company's products were present in the commercial center, large supermarket.

To achieve these results, the company is always interested in the development of human resources, team building and employees have the knowledge, expertise and skills, solidarity and commitment for the common goal of company. Cater enhance the spiritual life, material and labor for the construction of traditional corporate culture.

Looking back 7 years of development, but is not a long time but Kim Hung Long company striving to become and develop export and import companies have high growth and export strong timber of the country.

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